Family Tree Analysis & Source Index


I thought I was done passing along information from Wikitree Day, but I found a new one today which was entirely new to me!

First, developers presented their cool new site, especially useful for those who have Swedish roots, since the devels are Swedish and the first maps are Swedish. However, they are rapidly adding resources for northern Europe and the US. It's a really new take on deepening your knowledge about your family tree. WikiTree Day: What is Trackuback? with Hjalmar Granberg and Per Filipsson will be available through the end of the month:

This next one shines a light on a 10-year labor of love: WikiTree Day: WikiTree Day: The Power of Collaborative Genealogy - WikiTree Source Libraries with Rick Pierpont I think this would be of most use to those with Colonial and other early American research, and those involved with one-name studies, although he has created a really impressive locality index of sources, which I will be investigating for my locality guides! This one will be useful to everyone, whether or not you use Wikitree. No account needed.

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