Diahan Southard Your DNA Secrets Revealed: November 2022


Genealogy TV has a lovely short video about the new show, Diahan Southard Your DNA Secrets Revealed: November 2022 (under 14 mins) with a great clip: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-hLw8v_3elQ

Saturday, November 26, 11 am PT: Your DNA Secrets Revealed! On PBS, KCTS 9 locally.
Diahan Southard of Your DNA Guide, is hosting a new PBS television show called ‘Your DNA Secrets Revealed!’. She says, “It communicates all the things we value in family history and DNA testing. It showcases a wide range of experiences and helps us see the transformation that learning about your family can bring. I love how this show doesn’t focus just on the moment of discovery, but catches up with these families later, too, to see how this information has impacted them long-term.”
The show will air on Seattle-based PBS Station KCTS9 November 26th at 11 AM PT and repeats on November 30th at 9 PM PT. Check your local Public Broadcasting System station to see if it is scheduled to air in your area. If not, you can request them to show it.


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