SKCGS Genealogy Chat 28 November: Notes from the Zoom chat


20 attended. 12 Members: Valorie she/her, Betty, Kathryn Schultz, Alexis Hacker Scholz, Richard Ketchum, David Hutchinson, carol's iPad (Carol Larson), MaryLynn Strickland, Cyndi Davis, Cheri Sayer, WINONA LAIRD, SusanB, and 8 guests: Sandra Wilson-Alto, Karen Harrison, Ginney Pumphrey, Quilting Tangent, Carol Simpson, Bill-TX, Annette Gathright, mary.

Notes from the Zoom chat
Valorie she/her: Welcome to the South King County Genealogical Society Chat! We have no set agenda; we just like one another!

If you're new, please tell us where you're calling from.

We'd love to have you join us:

Today's Blog:

carol's iPad: I would like to know what is out there for DNA on cyber Monday. VZ: Sorry I didn't see this, Carol! Lots of deals - every company I saw had a sale, and many continue through the week or month. Just choose the test(s) that will give you the information you need to get started.

Carol: Hello, my name is Carol Simpson, and I recently found SKCGS. I am always looking for new information on how to do FTM, and tracking and recording my family genealogy better. VZ: Welcome Carol! Lovely to have you with us today.

Cheri Sayer: Here's something that might be of interest from the German Interest Group: 
Friday, December 2, 2022, 12:30 – 2:30 pm PT
EGS German Interest Group: “Beyond the Nutcracker: German Christmas Traditions“ by Claire Gebben
Learn about those traditions brought to the US by the German immigrants and the current ones in Germany.
Visitors welcome and more information at Registration is required:

And another one: Friday, January 6, 2023, 12:30 – 2:30 pm PT
EGS German Interest Group: “Start the New Year Right – get organized by letting software do the work
Several EGS-GIG members will demo free software that can help turn your piles and files into easily stored and retrievable data.
Visitors welcome and more information at Registration is required:

Carol: I keep a landline just for giving out and emergency use. I rarely share my cell phone number. Karen Harrison: Carol- My Heritage DNA is $39 today and a one month free trial for their complete plan. Half off Legacy Family Tree webinars. Valorie she/her: Loads of genealogy deals in your email, on twitter, and I imagine on FB.

Valorie she/her: For those who missed Diahan Southard's PBS show, it will repeat on KCTS on November 30 at 9pm PT. If you are out of our local area, check your local Public Broadcasting System station to see if it is scheduled to air in your area. If not, you can request them to show it.

I heard a nice alternative on the radio this morning, on the PBS shows CodeSwitch & LifeKit. The two are one hour together. How American Indian family separation leaves impacts generations later: and Ancestral altars are for everybody. Here's how to create one at home:

Cheri Sayer: Carol, Welcome to our Chat!  If you want to learn more about our society, you can learn more here:

Cheri Sayer: We had 7 new members join in October and November!  I hope some of you are on this Chat.  Let us know if you are.

Cheri Sayer: That's a great find Kathryn!

Richard: I am one of the new members who joined in October. VZ: Delightful to see you here today, Richard. And I see we are practically neighbors! I live just outside of Black Diamond. Cheri Sayer: Welcome to SKCGS, Richard!

Cheri Sayer: What is CLSA? Bill-TX: Tenn St Library & Archives - MaryLynn Strickland: Thank you Bill-Tx.

Kathryn Schultz: [the book which led to her big find] Gustavus W. Dyer and John Trotwood Moore: _The Tennessee Civil War Veterans Questionnaires_, 5? volumes, Easley, South Carolina: Southern Historical Press, 1985

Cheri Sayer: Soldiers and Sailors Database - Just putting in this reference. David McCullough, _The Pioneers_.

Karen Harrison: The FamilySearch Wiki has tons of good Ohio links including military -,_United_States_Genealogy.

Valorie she/her: Free 20-minute FamilySearch consultation:

Bill-TX: [about finding more information about a burial in Mexico] FindAGrave has 56,000 records for Mexico! Karen Harrison:
Mexico is also on the Family Search Wiki and has a section on cemeteries - Cheri Sayer: Fold3, Ohio Soldier's Graves Registration Cards.  I'll look for Oliver Evans. Karen Harrison: Mazatlán has a Family History Center but only for Spanish speaking on the phone, but you can email them with a question also - Kathryn Schultz: Ohio, Soldiers Grave Registration Cards, 1804-1958 (The URL I have is too specific for my husband’s relative to help you find this collection.)

Valorie she/her: Coming up this month with SKCGS:

SKCGS Annual Potluck, Wednesday, December 7, 6–8 PT. Please RSVP to Winona and tell her what you plan to bring! w.laird@...

Monday, December 12, 1pm PT, Genetic Genealogy/DNA Interest Group
Topic: Boncella method of sorting DNA matches.
Watch in advance:

Friday, December 16, 1pm PT: Research Workshop at the Kent FHC. RSVP required, Members Only. Email Winona w.laird@... to ensure that there is space for all.

Monday, December 19, 1pm PT, TUG. Our topic: Internet Archives. How to submit websites to the WayBack Machine, how to search it, what you can find there. Watch:
We offer Genealogy Help at the Auburn Public Library monthly, in-person, Thursday, November 24, 11 – 1pm. 
Auburn KCLS is where SKCGS houses our books and periodicals.

Wrapping up December, Monday, December 26, 1pm PT: Genealogy Chat!

Our friends at Eastside GS have a German Interest Group led by our own Dorothy Pretare on Friday, January 6 Visitors are welcome. More information:

Do you use Family Tree Maker? We have a User Group just for you, meeting Saturday, January 7 from 10 to noon. For meeting invitations and information, join the free online group:

We also offer a study group for Members. We're currently in the middle of "Research Like a Pro" by Diana Elder, AG and will start a new book in the new year.

And check out our blog! A new post every week: or join to get them emailed to you.

Karen: When searching BLM, you'll need to have the spelling used by BLM or it won't come up. So try alternative spellings if you can't find it. Richard: Could you elaborate on "BLM"? What is the site url? Cyndi Davis: Bureau of Land Management. MaryLynn Strickland: Cheri Sayer: We could do a segment in TUG on BLM searches.

Valorie she/her: History Geo site for public land states: Alexis Hacker Scholz: DeedMapper software by Direct Line Software:

Cheri Sayer: It's been a good session, but I need to sign off. My car was hit in an intersection in Seattle by a woman who ran a red light, so I'm dealing with all of that. VZ: Yikes! Best of luck to you, Cheri!

Alexis Hacker Scholz: Land Grant Maps covering parts of Chester, Fairfield, Greenville, Laurens, Newberry, Spartanburg, and Union Counties in South Carolina.  pub. by Union County Historical Foundation, Union, South Carolina. Karen Harrison: Alexis- if they are doing these maps by county names, it must be dated after they stopped using "districts" in S.C like the Pendleton District and the Washington district etc? Pendleton district was formed in 1789 and lasted til 1826. What dates are those maps from? Alexis Hacker Scholz: Karen, although the map set title refers to counties, the foreward says "The plats depicted...are made up of Colonial Plats of land surveyed and granted before the Revolutionary War and State Plats which were survey and granted by the State of South Carolina after the Rev War."

Valorie she/her: [about record loss-some of which were saved] There was a case locally where some records were rescued from a dumpster! Can't recall the details, but I think it was in Seattle. Also see the foreward of for the sad story of old court records in the deep south. Cyndi Davis: Another example of record loss is the 1890 census. VZ: there are many small counties all over the US with no archives, which I find shocking.

Kathryn Schultz: Where to look on Randy Majors’s web site for the deed mapping. VZ:

Alexis Hacker Scholz : got it Kathryn. I'll check the index. [Specific surnames in the index] Alexis Hacker Scholz: gotta run.

As usual, reply with anything forgotten or that we got wrong. I hope to see you soon at the potluck! 🍪🍰🧀🍇


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