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Sorry I couldn't join you today.  I had to take greens from the community garden to the St. James food bank when they opened at 1 pm, and then I kind of forget when I got home.  Nice to have the summary!


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Participants in today's chat session were Kathy Johnson, Barbara Larson, Dorothy Pretare, Tom Briggs, Rebecca Dare, Alexis Scholz, Susan Jaycox, Michelle Lyons, Winona Laird, Dave Hutchinson, MaryLynn Strickland and Valorie Zimmerman

Today's notes:

Rebecca told us that she had gotten her mother’s DNA for an Ancestry kit and asked how to set it up so she could manage the kit.  


Susan Jaycox told her:  

Make sure that you register the test online or Ancestry will not process the test when they receive it  

I would say that half the kits are managed by other persons.  

Susan gave her email address:  


and a YouTubeVideo  


MaryLynn mentioned that she is starting to research in Dutchess County, New York .  

Susan Jaycox said:  

I have a lot of relatives in Dutchess & Putnam County and back to the Patent  

The best place to get research help for that area is the New York Genealogy & Biographical Society  

Michelle Lyons added:  

I did considerable research in upstate new york through the 17th & 18 centuries.  

Susan Jaycox  

1:29 PM  

We have a conference-virtual in 2 weeks  

I also have many reference books on the area and have been there for research  

Susan Jaycox  

What is the surname in Dutchess County?  Palmer  

Susan Jaycox  

1:32 PM  

Connecticut Libraries and Genealogical Societies have a lot of resources  

Susan Jaycox  

1:38 PM  

I have a Peter Palmer marrying a Sarah Jacocks in Nine Partners, Dutchess Co., NY on 31 March 1750  

Susan Jaycox  

1:40 PM  

The NYG&B donated the bulk of their library to the New York Public Library in Manhattan, NY. It is searchable online. They still have a very large digital collection on their website.  


We asked what areas of the country people are searching in:  

Susan Jaycox--California, Colorado, Washington, Wisconsin  

Alexis Scholz--Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia,Tennessee, Georgia  

Dorothy--Trempealeau, Dodge & Jefferson counties in WI. Also Walsh county, ND & Stutsman county, SD  

Susan Jaycox  

1:53 PM  

I hope they keep virtual programs, so many more people can participate  

I do miss conference networking but you can attend so many more sessions online than in person.  


We looked at MaryLynn’s post on The Genealogy Squad Facebook page about AutoFill and incorrect duplication.  

Susan Jaycox  

You have to be careful when entering in locations because the programs are sent to auto-fill and auto-correct. Siri is constantly changed the words in my text messages.  


Kathy Johnson asked what to do when you can’t find hard evidence and Susan gave us several resources:  

You should read Tom Jones book  

or the journals of the NYG&B, NEHGS or NGS, they feature case studies and how to document with the absence of evidence  

That's another book that should be in every genealogist’s collection  


Professional Genealogy: Preparation, Practice & Standards Hardcover – April 17, 2018 by Elizabeth Shown Mills  


Andrews, Jean Atkinson. “Indirect Evidence for the Identity of Richard Andrews (1748–1824) of Stark County, Ohio.” National Genealogical Society Quarterly 103 (March 2015): 37–48.  


Hoitink, Yvette. “Griete Smit’s Parentage: Proof in the Absence of Vital Records.” National Genealogical Society Quarterly 104 (December 2016): 245–256.  


Susan explained about the information regarding “longest segment of DNA” that Ancestry is starting to show.  She said that knowing the length of the segments helps sort out the actual matches from those that are “garbage”.  She also explained that Ancestry is still refining its DNA data presentation.  


The resident cats got in on the act!  

Susan Jaycox  

My cat hears your cat crying and is hunting for the new cat in our house  

Alexis Scholz  

I think Greyboy is saying hello.  


Rebecca Dare  

By the way, I have The Spyglass File by Nathan Dylan Goodwin from the library. I could pass it on to someone close to me in Auburn if you want to read it in the next couple of weeks.  

Alexis Scholz mentioned a series of shows she enjoys that are history related but not genealogy.  She likes Tasting History  

Valorie Zimmerman  

2:40 PM is the youtube chan  


Everybody remarked how much they enjoyed the virtual meetings and hope we continue them.   

Barbara Larson mentioned a presentation at her society in Ft. Lauderdale  

GSBC is excited to invite you to our free presentation!  


Sunday, September 13, 2020  

A Live Zoom Presentation  

With Q & A  

From 2:00pm ~ 3:00pm EST  


"Discovering Thomas Earle, Revoluntionary War Gunsmith"  


Presented By  

Nancy Wyman,  

GSBC Member, DAR-Major William Lauderdale Chapter, NSDAR.    




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