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Hi all, preparing for the next GG/DNA meeting, I've been scouring for resources for attendees, and stumbled across some great old stuff. For instance, keynote addresses are often deadly boring, in my experience. But just watch this one from CeCe Moore, from 2018: 2017 i4GG Keynote: Absolutely fabulous review of the growth of the industry up to 2018. I had forgotten and didn't know part of this -- and there have been new developments. In addition, some really important issues about genetic genealogy credentialing are discussed.

Crista Cowan did a nice series on the GPS (Genealogical Proof Standard) in 2014:

I've now watched the second of this series, Reasonably exhaustive search, which is very much from an POV. Still, very useful. And I had not heard about the Miriam Weiner Eastern European Archival Database, available on, and which points to *offline* sources. . So, useful and only about 25 minutes long.

And Blaine Bettinger has a 5-part Foundations of DNA on Legacy: Membership is necessary to watch these.

I just re-watched the second in this series, which is an DNA Overview. He stresses the difference betweeen your *genealogical* tree, which contains all your ancestors, and your DNA tree, which contains only the ancestors from whom you inherited DNA -- and that is not all of them. This is especially obvious in X and Y inheritance, which we will cover at the GG/DNA group on June 8th.

Also I found another great resource for mitochondrial DNA on Roberta Estes blog:

Please reply if you find any of these useful, and share your own finds!


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