Legacy search ideas for FREE Fold3

Marilyn Schunke

I lead the Eastside Genealogical Society Legacy Special Interest Group to which SKCGS members joined several years ago. I just sent this message to our group. The steps included in this message are specific to using Legacy Family Tree software. However, they might give you ideas if you use other software, so I thought I would share. I’m not modifying my message to my group…you are seeing it just as I sent it.


We won’t be meeting tomorrow, but there’s some good news in that. Fold3 is offering free Military searches from May 21 thru 25. Here’s some Legacy tips on getting prepared to take advantage of that offer. What you search will depend on how you have consistently entered your events or notes. But the following should give you some ideas on what you can do today to set yourself up to successfully search in Fold3. REMEMBER: After each search the “How to Look” field returns to “Equal to” so you must appropriately change it for each new search.



  • Individual – Event Name CONTAINS Military
  • Individual – Event Notes CONTAINS Military
  • Individual – Event Description EQUAL TO or CONTAINS -specific military event, i.e. Civil War.   Note: World War I will Return World War II as well
  • Individual – Event Notes-General CONTAINS Military or a specific war
  • Individual – Event Notes-Research CONTAINS Military or a specific war


In order to maintain a list of any results, Apply a Hashtag. I used MilitaryFold3. I don’t have a lot because half my ancestry is Quaker. But I was just assisting Janet Camarata on this exercise. She has over 100. She had consistently  used the Event Description to capture Civil War, War of 1812, World War II, etc. So she hash tagged those as well.

In case you don’t remember our Hashtag session. Here’s some quick tips.

  1. Create List using ideas above
  2. Select Options (lower left button) from the resulting Search List
  3. Select Add Hashtag to Everyone in List…
  4. Highlight desired hashtag, i.e. MilitaryFold3
  5. Select Assign (upper right button)


Tips to PRINT the newly created MilitaryFold3 list


  1. Individual – Hashtag Equal To (select from the dropdown, so your item might be different if you used a hashtag other than MilitaryFold3)
  2. Select Create List
  3. Select Options (lower left button) from the resulting Search List
  4. Select Print
  5. Use the various tabs to title your resulting file and to select fields to print in up to 3 rows


Happy preparing Legacy and searching in Fold3.


Your EGS Legacy SIG Leader,


Marilyn Mullins Schunke

Covington, Washington 98042-4854



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