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Katie Hanzeli

I have an account with Legacy, but am not a paying member.
I haven’t had any trouble accessing the free videos.
Trying registering and see if that helps, no money required unless you want everything.

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Are there some good points you can share -- I can't watch the video without being a member of Legacy. Maybe we'll talk about it in TUG today. Thanks, Rebecca

Well shoot, I thought since it was 5 minutes it would be free. Perhaps I'll write a short blog post about it, since now I know how to do it! I will credit the webinar author, of course. :-)


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I've been using World Cat for years a good site.
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Have any of you used this? I never heard of it before! Browsing around in the short webinars in Legacy webinars, I found:

Instant Bibliographies on WorldCat by Gena Philibert-Ortega, 7 minutes -

Gena Philibert-Ortega seems to do a *lot* of these short lectures on useful features of websites and techniques. Before listening, I didn't even know you could make an account on WorldCat or why I would want to.


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