Persons of Interest 5 April 2021


14 Attended; 12 Members: Valorie Zimmerman, Alexis Scholz, Cheri Sayer, David Hutchinson, Ileen Peterson, Kathryn Schultz, Lola Weber, MaryLynn Stickland, Melanie Hinds, Tom Briggs, Winona Laird, and 2 guests: Joan Friel, Nadine G. 

From our Research-Group wiki:
To see our Google Meet training sessions which are very short, search YouTube for "skcgs"

Test doc to try Google Docs:

Kathryn Schultz: "I tried to send what I thought was a google Doc last night, but I didn't know all those steps to share, so nobody got it, did they? I just checked and there is absolutely nothing in what I thought was there!" I believe that you tried to attach the Gdoc. Instead, the key to sharing is the Share button at the top-right: GdocShareButton.png  Here is the next steps, 1, 2, 3: ShareGDoc.png
1. Change to "anyone with the link -- click on that. 2. Click "Copy link" 3. Click "Done." Now, share that link with us!

Joan Friel: "Thanks for the tip on sharing - just updated my previous #ResearchOpportunity message with my timeline and added the link to a Google Doc with the timeline." Excellent, Joan. I'm sorry I didn't have time to read email this morning before the meeting. This is the link: 

MaryLynn Strickland: "Right, Kathryn, Thank you for including the PDF!" Kathryn Schultz: "Thanks, MaryLynn! At least something wasn't lost. I still have a lot to learn about Google Docs." Many of us do, and it's worth learning, because I have found nothing better for collaboration. 

Kathryn Schultz: "For some reason it won't let me unmute/ Any ideas on what I did wrong that it wasn't even there?" Control D usually works. If you have the doc, try undo a few times. If you select all and then delete, everything disappears. But undo will bring it back I hope!

Lola Weber: "So although I sent you my research person... I need to add a link to #Research Opportunity??" If you want us to collaborate with you, please send us the link to your GDoc timeline.

Melanie Hinds: "@Valorie - I was not able to access your test doc. It told me I need to request access." Unfortunately I forgot and created it in the SKCGS Drive. The link I added above when editing these notes are in my own personal drive, and everyone should be able to access it by clicking or pasting the link into the browser.

Kathryn Schultz: "I could not find a way to save it when I made it." Every change is auto-saved. 

Nadine G: "The test doc is not in the open cases link." Thanks for noticing that; I will put it in there. <-- test doc

Joan Friel:

How to add footnotes in Google Docs: Click your cursor at the point in the document where you want to add a footnote (this way, a notation will automatically be added to the correct spot). In the toolbar at the top of the document, select "Insert" and then "Footnote." Or you can use the shortcut Control-Alt-F, or Command-Option-F on Mac.

I think the following was advice for Joan: I think you are going to need land records and probate records. Winona Laird: "Have you looked for a Will."

Alexis Scholz: For Westfield:

Lola Weber: "Did Calvin ever show up on the same land that Elijah had?" What a good question!

Melanie Hinds shared: Los Angeles FamilySearch Library: Joan Friel: "Thanks, Melanie! I'd be happy to give them some work LOL! Melanie Hinds: @Joan - Happy to help!

Kathryn Schultz, If you still have the doc, you can roll back changes if need be. It saves all the versions. Kathryn Schultz: "I know it was really long. I will keep trying to get it sent as a Google Doc." Remember, all we need is the link allowing us to suggest.

Nadine G: "My suggestion on this one-Louise-draw a diagram with paper connections and DNA connections."

Lola Weber: "Re: Wilson record.  Marylynn, I think I would add the maps to show known locations/dates for these people." The mapping function on the FamilySearch Family Tree is really useful here. 

Kathryn Schultz: "See why it's taken me 40 years! I have done a family tree for this. The overlapping Wilson marriages make it very difficult." One of the reasons timelines are so powerful. 

Alexis Scholz: "Kathryn, any church records for that area to look at?"

Alexis Scholz: "I have validated quite a few at 6-8" - I assume that this is referring to the size of DNA matches in cM. 

Nadine G: "Kathryn did you check sexton records for the burials? If you can figure out who bought the graves it would help. Also tringulate with DNA Painter."

Alexis Scholz: "I would like to see it.  I have a Wiltsen family in GA that came out of NC with my Groovers." Kathryn Schultz: "Alexis, look for the "Wilson Family History and Genealogy" web site. Toward the end there is a page about Zaccheus Wilson in Oglethorpe Co., GA."Alexis Scholz: "Don't forget to look for those county biographies, even in other states  where people moved to, I have found great hints in those paid biographies. And it's a long shot, but newspapers..."

Sorry for the extreme lateness of these notes. I thought I lost them, found them, and want to send them before I lose them again! This was such a great session. I'll try to get the links into our wiki.


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