Persons of Interest 3 May 2021


12 Attended: 10 Members: Melanie Hinds, Carol Whitley Larson, Ileen Peterson, MaryLynn Strickland, Rebecca Dare, Alexis Scholz, David Hutchinson, Winona Laird, Trish Sowards and 2 guests: Nadine, Robert Marvin. 

Did I miss anyone?

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MaryLynn Strickland: Dorothy Pretare  dpgen@... for advice about finding a professional German researcher.

I ask about FamilySearch Family Tree because I found my husband's most distant maternal-line ancestor there: Kreeb. I never thought I would find such a weird surname there! 

Melanie Hinds: 
Here is the contact information for the Los Angeles FamilySearch Library: Melanie had luck by calling and asking for direct research help from them. Thank you for digging out that link.

Rebecca Dare: - really good $$ German database. Nadine: "Thanks for all the hints for my German problem!!"

While discussing apples, apple cider, whiskey-making, etc. we did talk about the health effects, good and bad. It was one of the only medicines available. Cholera killed a LOT of people. Whisky=Water of Life in Gaelic. Alexis mentioned 'fried apples' which are really sauted apples, in a bit of butter and perhaps some brown sugar -- used as sauce or filling for a lot of things, including cake. I used to make something like that to go with pork. 

Nadine G: "Happy Birthday-Min is May 10!!" Isn't May great!

What did I forget?


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