Sneak Preview: Introducing the FamilyTreeDNA Group Time Tree


Roberta Estes has a new blog post about the latest from FTDNA, which I found on the Wikitree G2G Forum. 

This is absolutely awesome. Every surname I checked, except Goosic, which has no project, shows a nice grouping, even the tiny Basinger project which I adopted and have done nothing with. On that one, I need to write to the testers and ask them to fill out their most distant known direct-line male ancestor so that that shows up in the map. Absolutely thrilled to see what is known about my father's Cowans and my mother's McBees, and my grandfather Cowan's mother's McPhersons look promising too. My husband's Zimmerman test result is very separated from the rest of the men in that project, still. 

I think this tool will make the work of project admins easier, and the value of Big Y testing much more clear to both those who have tested, and those we want to invite into the "tree of humankind." I look forward to similar trees for the mitochondrial haplogroups.


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Valorie Cowan Zimmerman
Gedmatch SQ780327C1 | mtDNA H1ac