Monday 12 December 2022 Genetic Genealogy-DNA Interest Group: Notes from the Zoom Chat


Monday 12 December 2022 Genetic Genealogy-DNA Interest Group

27 attended. 19 Members: Valorie she/her, Robert "Bob" Marvin, Cheri Sayer, Alexis Hacker Scholz, David Hutchinson, Janet Stroebel, Paul Baltzer# Florida, Mary Ann's iPad, Dorothy P, Betty, Kathryn Schultz, Glenn York, Sylvia Harper Nelson, Barbara Foor Larson, MaryLynn Strickland, Janis Littlefield, SusanB, iPhone - Anne Lowe, Lorraine Hladik, and 8 guests: Karen Harrison, leslie rubinson, Sandra Wilson- Alto, Annette Gathright, Lisa M, Vic E, iPhone, Annette Weiss.

VZ: Welcome to everyone! If you are new to us, please tell us where you are calling from.

Our topic today: The Boncella method of sorting DNA matches. Watch in advance:

Today's blog:

Robert Marvin: Bob here from slightly sunny Southern California now at least.

Vic E: Yes I'll need to watch the video! But I finally made it to this meeting-so that's a bonus. MaryLynn Strickland: Welcome Vic, glad you are here and hope you will come back regularly! Vic E: Yes now Winter is here- I ll be home more in the afternoon. Has anyone here used Diahann Southard's videos on grouping matches? Lorraine Hladik: I have. It is very good. MaryLynn Strickland: Where are you Vic? Vic E: I'm in Bellevue. Valorie she/her: Welcome Vic! Vic E: Thank you.

Alexis Hacker Scholz: So what is wato? wado? Vic E: WATO Is What Are the Odds tool. Alexis Hacker Scholz: Well, I recognize the full name "What are the odds." Hate abbreviations. Paul Baltzer, Florida: - WATO.

Lisa M: [talking about other tools on DNA Painter] My favorite chromosome Map began with MyHeritage Cluster data. Then I added known matches from various DNA testing companies. So there are quite a few known matches with some unknowns, but the unknowns are grouped together. Valorie she/her: Neato, Lisa!

Valorie she/her: Coming up this month:

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We also offer a study group for Members. We're currently nearing the end of "Research Like a Pro" by Diana Elder, AG. We'll study a new book in the new year, p

Lorraine Hladik: Archives of Canada are very helpful if you contact them

Sandra Wilson- Alto: “Peter Robinson’s Settlers” by Carol Bennett. Carol Bennett has written multiple books  on the Ottawa Valley. Lorraine Hladik: There are several community/town histories for Ontario places that may be available online.  We have several in our genealogy library.  One book may include several places and so sometimes a little hard to find one you want. MaryLynn Strickland: Thank you Lorraine, for that information.  As well, thank you Sandra.

Janet Stroebel: I just finished the Sawtooth Slayer today. Another great book from Nathan Dylan Goodwin! Robert "Bob" Marvin: I have read two of his books. I enjoyed them both. Vic E: They are doing a collaboration at RootsTech together. Cheri Sayer: Wed, 11 AM PT with Diahan Southard - Q&A Session, Free, register here:

Lorraine Hladik: Our Library catalogue is open and downloadable - organized a bit different than most. If you download it, the Ontario books begin on p 28. MaryLynn Strickland: Do you have a link to that catalogue, Lorraine? Lorraine Hladik: link - This is the home page for my local genealogy society -

Janet Stroebel: Diahan Southard just gave two DNA presentations at the Appleton Public Library (Wisconsin), and they are now on the library’s YouTube channel. Look under their Playlist “Find Your Ancestors.” Kathryn Schultz: Diahan Southard’s recent “Deep Dive” was very helpful. She showed how to do a WATO tree step by step and also how to use the Y-DNA project charts. She’ll be doing these again in the new year, but she’ll be using other people’s examples for them.

Valorie she/her, about GATES spelling variations: probably also Gaetz etc.

Vic E: What does everyone think of Ancestry Side View? VZ: It works pretty well. To get cousins to share matches with you, send them Sandra Wilson- Alto: Thanks Valorie. Vic E: I noticed one match was definitely wrong, but I wonder if we actually match on both sides.

Karen Harrison: Sandra do you have the link to the Roberta Estes article? My husband's Big Y is a Scottish line and he matches Roberta on autosomal DNA. Sylvia Harper Nelson: My daughter-in-law shares an ancestor line with Roberta Estes so we have learned a lot more about him recently!!

Valorie she/her: Next month in Genetic Genealogy: NEW: Register in advance for this meeting:

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting. Topic: How to include DNA data in family histories - from cMs to admixture (ethnicity)
- Using DNA to fill gaps in family histories: (background)

- How to Prepare DNA Research Reports for Sharing: (there are a number of good posts and podcasts on about this.

- Playlist on Youtube:

If possible, please bring some rough drafts to share! Either send them to the group in advance, or share a link to a Google Doc on your Google Drive. If you want comments, you need to allow commenting before getting the sharing link.

Lisa M: My Cowan family was in Pennsylvania in the mid/late 1700s. VZ: Very cool, Lisa! Were they Scotch-Irish?

Betty: St. Vincent Memories blog for information of the Red River valley of the North

Vic E: Thank you! Enjoyed it! VZ: This was a great time, and I hope we see you more, Vic!

As usual, please reply with anything forgotten or mistaken.

Thanks, and see you in the new year!


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