DNA Painter Family Trees


I said I would try out this new mitoYDNA linkage to DNA Painter trees, so I tonight uploaded profiles for my Dad's Y DNA, my mtDNA, and my husband Bob's Y and mt. And then connected my mtDNA to my tree, which was not that impressive, to be honest. 

Then I created a tree for Bob, by changing the home person on my tree to him, and downloading a Gedcom from it, then uploading that to DNA Painter for him, and then connecting his mitoYDNA profiles to it. That took less than 15 minutes.

And then playing. Oh my goodness, the trees are *beautiful* and they are *useful*. I had started to fill out my X inheritance charts on paper, but I'm not sure those are even useful compared to the DNA Painter tree. Displaying X matches is *instant.* Displaying instead ahnentafel numbers: instant. 

And you can display a genetic tree right inside your ancestral tree, by marking ancestors you have proven via DNA. I've not started to to do that yet but I will!

So you need not print out those charts if you don't want to; using a DNA Painter Tree I think will be much more useful to you in the long run. Johny wrote a blog post about how to use those trees:

You can see mine if you like: They are private by default but shareable if you choose.


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