Notes from today's meeting "Use DNA Painter Tools to Answer Your Research Questions"


30 attended. 20 Members: Valorie she/her, Alexis Hacker Scholz, Betty, SusanB, Mary Ann's iPad, Linda Oas, Cyndi Davis, Rebecca Dare, Kathryn Schultz, Sylvia Nelson, MaryLynn Strickland, Dorothy P, Anne Lowe, Tina Lawson, Janis Littlefield, Nadine Guilbault, Robert Marvin, Janet Stroebel, David Hutchinson, Lorraine Hladik and 10 guests: Paul Baltzer, Quilting Tangent, Karen Harrison, Glenn York, Sandra Wilson- Alto, Heather Goebel-Arizona, Richard, Linda DeNardo, Lisa M, Annette Gathright. 

Notes from the Zoom chat:

Valorie she/her: Greetings to all today for the Genetic Genealogy Interest Group meeting. Our topic today: Use DNA Painter Tools to Answer Your Research Questions

If you have not used this site before, see: "An Introduction to DNA Painter" - (about 80 mins, FREE). Also see "What’s New at DNA Painter" - (also FREE, about. 90 mins)

If you are new, please tell us where you are calling from.

We'd love to have you join us:

Today's blog: <-- we want your help!

Anne Lowe: Hi to all from FL. VZ: and greetings to you from sunny chilly Puget Sound!

Richard: I am new. I found the South King County Genealogical Society by a google search. I have been doing genealogy for about 3 years and am new to the use of DNA. Valorie she/her: Welcome! We would love to see you again.

Valorie she/her: We discussed using the site Borland Genetics with all the DNA testing data and both Gedmatch and DNA Painter.

Robert Marvin: Was I the only one having trouble getting into the meeting today? I finally went through. VZ: didn't hear about it from anyone else yet....

Quilting Tangent: Q - With Borland, if you only have 3 siblings how do you phase out to a parent? (can't talk). Paul Baltzer, Florida: Answer to Quilting- Yes, I believe so. Also, you can use the Lazarus tool at GEDmatch, which would be quicker and easier. VZ: I also would use the Lazarus tool first, especially if you can get quite a few other relatives to upload to Gedmatch first. The more data you have, the more DNA coverage for the missing parent you will get. With 3 siblings you can get quite a lot of parental data, especially if you have one tested parent and if you add in other relatives on both your mother's and father's side, you get even more information. I think it takes (on average) 7 sibs to get close to 100% of the DNA but the other relatives really help.

Heather Goebel-Arizona: This is helping me too. Thx. I've heard Lorraine's suggestions before too. (re: # of cms and which DNA company)

Betty: Thank you for the little demo on DNA Painter. [Bob was willing to share his screen and problem with DNA Painter, and we were able to get him on the road to a useful "painting."]

Valorie she/her: Coming up next month for this group, 12 December: Topic: Boncella method of sorting DNA matches.
Watch in advance: and try it out. It's a bit different from Leeds and some of the other methods.

The rest of November with SKCGS:

* Friday, November 18 1pm PT, Research Workshop (Members Only, In-person at local FHC)

* SKCGS General Meeting: Dave Obee presents "In Search of Home: Migration into, out of, and within Canada"
Saturday, November 19, 10 PT; social time 9:30 Registration required:

* Monday, November 21 at 1 PT: Technical User Group.
Topic: Helpful Browser Extensions for Genealogy
Goldie May:
Wikitree apps, such as Sourcer and Wikitree BEE:
What are your favorites and how do you use them?
Join for meeting invitations and discussion.

* Saturday, November 26, 11 am PT: Your DNA Secrets Revealed! On PBS, KCTS 9 locally.
Diahan Southard of Your DNA Guide, is hosting a new PBS television show called ‘Your DNA Secrets Revealed!’. She says, “It communicates all the things we value in family history and DNA testing. It showcases a wide range of experiences and helps us see the transformation that learning about your family can bring. I love how this show doesn’t focus just on the moment of discovery, but catches up with these families later, too, to see how this information has impacted them long-term.”
The show will air on Seattle-based PBS Station KCTS9 November 26th at 11 AM PT and repeats on November 30th at 9 PM PT. Check your local Public Broadcasting System station to see if it is scheduled to air in your area. If not, you can request them to show it.

* Monday, November 28, 1 PT: Genealogy Chat. Meet up and chat about genealogy subjects and topics. We have no agenda; we just like one another!

Valorie she/her: we talked about how to learn something when you know nothing, like me with spreadsheets. Start here: Using Spreadsheets for Genealogy Research - and here is one from Connie Knox, Genealogy TV: How to Use Excel for Genealogy - Notice her list of other tutorials, many of which I have watched more than once.

Karen Harrison: Roberta Estes new post on Y DNA

Paul Baltzer, Florida:

Paul Baltzer, Florida: (for MaryLynn): - FTDNA surname for Burnham

Discussion about Nathan Dylan Goodwin's latest genealogy/DNA mystery novel, The Sawtooth Murders.

Karen Harrison: Diane Southard was on the Family Tree magazine podcast also:

Heather Goebel-Arizona: Thx! Robert Marvin: ANother great meeting in the books. I thank everyone for letting me take part and I am anxious to start mapping in DNA Painter. See ya! Mary Ann's iPad: Thanks!  Thank you Bob! Heather Goebel-Arizona: Yes!!

As usual, please reply with anything wrong or forgotten, or if there is more to say!


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