Family Tree Maker Discount Link and Event

Mark Olsen <mark@...>

Hi Winona,

Hope all is going well for you, the society and the Family Tree Maker User Group.

We have exchanged emails in the past regarding a door prize for a society event.

I wanted to share with you a Family Tree Maker discount link you are welcome to share with your SIG members. Please keep this on a non-public facing website.

I also wanted to ask if there is an open event slot in the coming months when I could put on a Family Tree Maker update class for the SIG as well as anyone who wants to join. These sessions tend to be more discussion than presentation so that your members can ask us questions.

If you have a moment I'd love to discuss it with you more - feel free to email back or call me on my cell at 801-687-0599.

Thank you,

Mark Olsen
Family Tree Maker Ambassador
cell 801-687-0599