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Books and Articles

* Cedar Mountain: A lost town amongst the Highway


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  2. McDonald, L. (961, April 2). Lost towns of King County: Busy Cedar Mountain of former years now is only a memory. The Seattle Times.
  3. Slauson, M. C. (1967). One Hundred Years Along the Cedar River. Maple Valley, WA: King County Library System.

* Washington's Green River Coal Company by C. William Thorndale. Thesis submitted to the UW, 1965. (On loan from BDHistorical Society)

* Black Diamond: Mining the Memories. Ed. Diane and Cory Olson. Black Diamond Historical Society.

* Company Coal Town: Franklin and the Oregon Improvement Company 1990 - 1896. John C. Hanscom. Green River Community College, 1988. 

* From Smoke To Mist: An Archeological Study of Franklin, WA, A "Turn of the Century" Company Coal Town. Gerald C. Hedlund and Mark A. Vernon. GRCC, 1994. 

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