Adding our miners to WikiTree


Hi folks, I mentioned this in the chat today. I'm still in the learning stage for this project within Wikitree -- before this past week, I had added only cousins and their spouses, and I'm not done with that! But I have joined the project, and am now in their private email list for questions and answers, and reading lots of the documentation. Y'all might might interested in this: US Black Heritage Project June 2021 Newsletter:

It seems like a dark subject, but I'm finding a lot of joy among the participants. It has been so difficult for descendants of enslaved people to get further back than the 1870 Census, and it will be wonderful to make the work easier for them. I have some hope that we can take some of the people we are researching back that far, and some of them down to descendants as well. That will be the biggest thrill of all!


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